Our fight against the pandemic in the U.S. suggests a return to normalcy possibly sooner than later.  Upon the lifting of crowd restrictions, all businesses particularly those in the food and beverage industry, should be prepared to immediately signal to current, past and potential customers that restaurants, catering facilities and entertainment venues are open and eager to serve.

Foodeogo and our media production partner Foodeography are offering an unprecedented 50% discount on all media production services. We desire to help forward thinking Food & Beverage Professionals prepare, in advance, cost effective advertising and promotions to help regain market share lost due to the COVID Pandemic.



A 50% Off COVID “Welcome Back” Video Offer!

Foodeogo produces eye popping 15 or 30 second videos that not only invite your customers back, but says “Hey, we’re still In business and back better than ever!” With over 15 years of food and beverage marketing experience we’ll develop a script and shoot custom video that captures the essence of your business creating sizzle that sells. People eat with their eyes, we’ll feed them! Let us help during these tough times, take advantage of this incredibly discounted offer before your competition eats your lunch.

Professional Direction High-Definition Video Pro Lighting & Sound Scriptwriting Assistance Storyboarding Professional Editing Sound Effects & Music Title Animations & Graphics



50% Off Online & Social Media Cinemagraph Ads

At the intersection of custom photography, high-end video, and seamless animation you’ll find the innovate hybrid the “Cinemagraph”.  This extremely cost-effective visual presentation takes the standard GIF image to a whole new level. The quality and fluid-like flow of Cinemagraph animation is not only attention-grabbing but adds a degree of nuanced elegance to your online advertising, website posts and social media applications that no other non-video technique can match.



50% Off Video Enabled QR Code Print Promotions

The world connects using mobile technology. Savvy businesses use the power of mobile devices to effectively promote their products, and services via online video. QR codes provide instant access to videos with a quick phone scan of the code. The scan also stores the video link for sharing and this creates an extremely cost effective broadcasting platform. We’ll capture all the ambience and amenities your establishment has to offer. We’ll be sure to showcase your venue as an inviting, and exciting, “must experience” dining destination.



50% Off Custom Food & Beverage Websites

Foodeogo understands the importance of a strong visually dynamic website. We also recognize the increasing role video plays in client messaging over linked social media platforms. Our partnership with Foodeography allows us to offer a soup to nuts approach to marketing restaurants, caterers and the entire food service industry. We strive to produce websites where keywords, images and video seamlessly integrate forming an enjoyable online experience, and increased customer conversion rates. During this special promotion, we will post all new website clients on the Foodeogo website for one year, free of charge.